Getting ready while having fun with Barbie! Everyday gestures are enriched by the new products offered by Mattel and its licensees


Mattel collaborates with Sodico and Rolly&Co to make toddlers daily hygiene more exciting with a Barbie theme.

Sodico's Naturaverde Kids line features 3 gift kits divided into: Barbie Giftset Uno Cards along with Bubble Bath and Spray Conditioner, Barbie Mini Handbag Giftset with Strawberry Chapstick and Eau de Toilette, Barbie Giftset Mini Coloring Book with Bubble Bath and Shampoo & Conditioner inside.

Mr.White by Rolly&Co offers 3 glamorous toothbrush options: Mr.White Barbie Turbo Toothbrus, Mr.White Barbie Pochette, Mr.White Barbie Gift Pack Led.