Mattel Games

Born in 1971 by a barber in Cincinnati, Ohio, the iconic card game was created to allow families to spend time together and has quickly become a must-have in any home. UNO has become a truly global phenomenon and offers fans of all ages a variety of innovative physical and digital games. In 2022, the number one  card game in the world continues to expand its portfolio with great news for increasingly fun and exciting games.

SCRABBLE helps players to face challenges with imagination, concentrating thanks to the letters with the letters of the alphabet. The purpose is to create connections between letters to form words. Scrabble is the word game that has everyone freaking out and trying to find  the winning word. In 2021, Scrabble renewed its look  with a new logo and a minimal, colorful pack to reach an increasingly broad and trasversal target.

PICTIONARY - With the motto "words designed for risky answers!", it's an easy and fun game, perfect for all ages. If you love to draw, with Pictionary you don't need to be an artist to win, you just need  to free your creativity! The object of the game is to make teammates  guess the subject of your drawings. Guessing , the team will be able to proceed on the squares of the board. The first team to reach the finish line wins.