Fisher Price

In 1931, Herman Fisher and Irving Price embarked on a journey that changed the toy industry. Their goal: to create games that help children's development. For almost 90 years, Fisher-Price has remained deeply tied to the principle of play as a method of learning. In fact, the Fisher-Price Play Lab was created in the place were a specialized team of early childhood development experts collaborates with a group of fun-loving little testers in order to play, test and evaluate every Fisher-PriceĀ® toy for sale.

Little People

Little People is the preschool brand of the great Fisher-Price family, a world of characters and places all in  miniature where there is no shortage of fun, kidness and lots of smiles for the little ones.  Originally called "Fisher-Price Play Family"  their name was changed to Little People  by the consumers themselves who entering the shops, asked  for the product with an easy  to remember  name:  the "Little People". To date, more than 2 billion Little People characters  have been sold. 


Infant and preschool